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October 22,2011 Saturday

Lai liao lai liao
Got miss me or not all
I know want choose what of present for my bii le 
hope she will like it much ba
So many thing need to ready
and need to start dy
so maybe will got few day cant online oh
sorry ya
wish me every thing will successfully
Although some sorrow will happen
But I will stick to it
Hope my persistence won't be in vain
Bless me well over each level
Don't bring tears

Actually today I will use english to write
Is because I lazy to use Chinese
Please forgive my messy English
This 2 day i off day
so take this 2 day to relax
and ready to test my car and motor lesson
pleass bopi bopi me
Love you ya
I stop here le
want to ready my thing
bye all
hope all my friend will happy every day