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w3lcome to ∷∷ Ч їĭЙg blogger ~
enjoy your full daY ~
my secret diary "Hello Kitty"BII ~

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我可以不要这种生活吗____??很明显不能 ___!!

2day so so tired nia 
my mom fever then my bro no ppl to take care 
another 2 sis go sch jor 
then me sei lur no nit go sch le 
at home take care bro ......
2nite still want go work ...
i dont 1 like tat d sheng huo ** 
real will " Die "

stupiz d me

me 1st time in blog 
so hate y me so stupiz all also dono d 
erm...but i will learn more ba 
+u +u